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This demo implements one of the most common cel-shading algorithm. Do simple lighting, then look up in a grayscale texture with a few colors. But in addition to that, it draws the outline of the object as well as internal edges (adjustable on the F1 menu). The outline is extracted entirely on the GPU. The idea is similar to shadow volume extrusion on the GPU. You extract all edges on the model and store the face normals from the both triangles the edge connects. When one is front-facing and the other backfacing, it's a silhuette edge. After figuring out whether we're on a silhuette edge or not we need to destroy edges that aren't. There's no direct way to destroy it, but we can throw it out to infinity though. This is easily done by setting w to 0.

In addition, internal edges are detected by simply dotting the normals and comparing it to a threshold value. The lower the value of the dot-product, the sharper the edge is.