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This site gets record hit rates
Monday, November 11, 2002 | Permalink

Today Humus is a happy man!
The latest days this site has reached a hit rate that's quite incredible for a humble man like me running a site with a narrow content like this. We are talking about around 100 visitors/hour or around 2500 visitors/day. This may not seam much to people running sites like cnn.com, but for me it's quite a lot given my usual hit rate and my rather limited audience. Normally I'd get roughly a houndred visitors/day. When I release a new demo I may get around a thousand / day if I'm lucky, especially if I get linked to from opengl.org or other sites. So the numbers from the last days have really gone beyond my expectations.

In related news, I do of course hope that some of those who are now visiting my site will return regularly. Some people might actually (believe it or not) bookmark this page. So I think it's for the best that I inform you all that this server will move back to it's original address of http://esprit.campus.luth.se/~humus/ in the near future. So the day the current address of http://humus2.campus.luth.se/~humus/ is dead you will hopefully find it at that address. So if you have bookmarked this page, bookmark that page too.

Why is it moving back, and why was it moved in the first place? To make a long story short, the server has runned under the esprit.campus.luth.se address down at a local computer society called Ludd. We took it home for some hardware and software upgrades, which caused some downtime while waiting for some hardware to arrive. Then when we had everything set up we needed to get it back to Ludd again, but the responsible guys aren't always available to let you in to the server room. So in the meantime we put it online in our appartment sharing my internet connection through a switch. Why can't we keep it that way? Well, first of all, some times when the server is very busy my connection gets noticably slower. Also, the thing makes some noise that really isn't that great for my sleep. Further, I do want the older address back simply because there are lots of links from around the web pointing at that address.

Anyway, I thought I'd put that info up today as I hope to get it moved quite soon. Hopefully most people will notice it before the move takes place, which may happend as soon as tomorrow if we're lucky.



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