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Humus enters the world of authorship
Thursday, November 21, 2002 | Permalink

Well, the other day I got contacted by Wolfgang Engel, the editor of the ShaderX book. It's a book about vertex and pixel shader programming containing lots of tricks and tips about shading with many more or less wellknown authors from the industry contributing, like Jason Mitchell, Chris Brennan and Evan Hart from ATi and a lot of other guys from ATi, nVidia, Matrox etc. This book was published this summer and seams to have sold quite well.
Late summer 2003 a new version of this book is due, called Shader X2 of course, and as it looks right now I'm going to be one of the contributors this time.
Wolfgang Engel suggested I write an article about the techniques shown in my Phong and Mandelbrot demos and I have at least sent him the proposal of an article based on the techniques in the Phong demo. The current contributors can be found here; you'll find me there under my real name, Emil Persson.
This is kinda exciting in one way. It'll be my first real publication, even though my contribution may only be a small number of pages in a book of 500 pages or so.