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The framework linux port project
Monday, November 25, 2002 | Permalink

I've been working for a while now getting my framework to compile under Linux with g++. I have come a long way already, in fact most of the really important stuff has already been ported. The renderer works fine, except rendering to texture is not implemented for Linux because there's no GLX version of WGL_ARB_render_texture yet. Basically, only the base application has yet to be defined.
The math stuff compiled just fine with g++ without change. The imaging stuff made some resistance, but wasn't too hard to convince to compile, lot of warnings but usually easy to fix. The renderer was a little troublesome, but I eventually got it all figured out. The extension library caused some major clashes with the glext.h file that automatically gets included in the gl.h header in Linux and a few other aspects of the Linux version of this file. A few small hacks and that was mostly solved though.

I must say I'm impressed by the quality of the g++ compiler. It may be a little more sensitive and generate more warnings, but that's just great really, it helped me find errors in my code MSVC never complained about, like returning NULL from a bool function without a cast. Overall my code got a little cleaner after letting g++ state it's opinions.