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- Alan Cooper

Yet another particle trimmer update
Wednesday, July 8, 2009 | Permalink

In the last release I messed up atlases again, so now that's fixed.

I also added an option to optimize vertex ordering in the spirit of these findings. You provide your index buffer and it outputs the vertices in the order that minimizes the internal edges. This option will probably only have a measurable effect on small particles though. But it's a trivial thing to compute, so it doesn't hurt to do it.

Finally I've changed the input options to a more standard and practical format as the number of options have increased, so now you don't need to provide all parameters just because you wanted to change the last one, but instead you can for instance do this to only change maximum hull size:
> ParticleTrimmer imagefile 4 8 -h 40

With these changes I guess the tool is pretty much "final", unless I come up with a solution to the performance problem other than by reducing the number of edges in the original convex hull to a managable number.



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